week 11

yeahh finally the video is ready.. two days ago actually..so if i calculated right i’ve been working on the video for three days.. that’s quite long..but there are a lot of editing to do and effect to make.

i have many layers that i inserted in the video , i split and trim the video a lot and also i tried to make the motion fast but not so fast that makes people dizzy or anything like that, this is all based on EN.HElmi and DR.Rosseni teaching and i consider about the trasitions but still when it finishes i think it’s a bit amateur… sorry guys this is all i can do..i want the video to be catch and fun  so i used mambo no5 and lollipop by the chordettes these two are my fav from the 90’s….  


Back from dramatization which was a blast!!  i continued my work ….thanks to my group mates i had lots of fun editing!! well after i choose the picture from the separate file (photo that not in the 1st  video) and combine the picture from the video by my group mates earlier i edited them back and put them into motion..i used 3d animation to animated the text and using windows movie maker to speed up the motion separately ,because i find that if the video is edited in WMV reel it will speed up the song and sound effect too..it sounded almost like chipmunk i laugh at first then i realized i need to re-edit it!! arghhh… luckily i save the raw cut and managed to dub the song perfectly(?) it’s you guys part to decide…

i have made the video as clear as i could but so the WMV sofware is not very advanced and because in class we have only learn WMV and priemere i restricted myself from using pinnacle or cinelerra. and so i continued to edit the video with help from Noor syakirah(group member) i get the new vision of how the video should look like as kirah said to follows the layout by the first video..and so i edited the video and early in the morning it’s ready to be presented… yeayyy…

in such short time all i can make is this quality of video  but maybe next time when i have more time i am sure i can improve by some level.. i enjoy the class from the beginning till end although there’s a lot of difficulties tears and scars but i am now a better editor..mueehheheee,…

This is the link to the video..hope you’ll enjoy it and i hope we got excellent grade~!!!


oh yeah ..this is my picture from the pameran seni which i attended and participate..

heres our group painting,,,

.. weehhoooo this painting is from (luqman zulkifly,teo ting-ting and me.)

the painting is for sale so anyone interested?

since this is my last reflection, i would like to express my gratitude to all the tutor Pn.Hazriati.En.Yusof.En.Faizal , En.HElmi. and especially DR.Rosseni Din please halakan and doa for our success… thank you for you guidance and teachings i am sure to use it not only for my classes in school but also in my life.. thank you again and please give me an A? hehehehehe.. ^_^

last but not  to all my group members…and also the other groups… WE DID IT!!~!!

week 10

….The night before i feel like i cant sleep..the video presentation is tomorrow and i am so scared..it’s not that scared of anything it’s that i am not so involved in the making,,the hard work to make the video is by the other three of my groups well..i trust they can do for the best of course,it’s just a bit sad that i can’t help although i want too because they have done everything for the past three weeks since i missed the putrajaya’s trip uhuh,,so my contribution is only on the storyboard and the storyline drawing others are divided between the three of my groupies… ‘

so i went to the class early and i saw one of my group mates..i greet her and she reply but not so happy  maybe the nervousness,, i am scared too.. the first group to present is SAmirah group, The second is Qila’s and their video was.. WOW.. i really am amazed.. and the third is our’s .. i am a bit sad that we got a pretty negative BUT constructive comments,, and lastly Dayang’s group their’s too are PROFESSIONAL..

then it hit me!!

if i could help my group to edit the video in making it better i can probably made up my mistake for missing the putrajaya’s trip kan?? wehhoo..so i accept wholeheartedly when my members ask me to edit the video.. kirah even offer to help me if i have any difficulties ohhh tHAnksss kirahh!!!! ..

i am actually quite good with windows movie maker and so i am glad to do the job..

I started by adding effect to all the pictures and edit the saturation of it to make it clearer..THen i got a text from peisi reminding me to complete the props for dramatization so i postponed my work…. =( so much to edit back and i got lot’s of classes.. T_T

luckily know what i’m doing and so even the week was like an enforcement training i managed to finished the job.. i inserted some reel animation effect using a 3d text animation maker and then i editted the video into fast forward and aso half speed.. later on i save the file.using adobe soundbooth i cut some sound effect and insert it into the specific clip. some of the picture taken are nice but being block by the trees and pole so i use a retouch tool and clear up the blocking it’s not very smooth but it’s all i can managed in the shirt time i had..

from this….

to this it’s still not perfect but i am an amatur..pardon me.. uhuk hkukuk


i haven’t upload the video yet but i’m happy that we got excellent comments from dr.rosseni hope we will get an “A’ for this!! and i am sure to used this as my teaching aid next time when i’m doing my practical…wehehehheoooo

week 9:workshop

aggrh..yesterday’s class was fun but this is it the real deal on how we will make our video i’m not sure on how to do this as i’m not with my group the week before something bad hapend to my cousin..her phone got stolen probably when we’re on the train (pickpokets) maybe,..then i have to sent her back and her ic also missing..(it’s inside the bag with the phone case) bummer..well that’s that.. so without any idea i just went to the class and try to grasp what En.Helmi is delivering.THANK GoD i understad, =)

now on sunday EN.HElmi recap everthing that we;ve learned from yesterdays class..and he asked us to make a storyboard as a mock up to the real storyboard later..

so we are taught to inserted the narration of our voiced into the video and then we tried it for ourselves and also we played the soundbooth and experiment with the effect and all that…


at luch we had a good meal..and i like freeee food…. weee,,,

okayn so! later on we are given time to disscuss the story board placement and so i am incharge of drawing the storyboard.K.nurazlin as the director, kIrah as the advisor and chigi? she’s the computer whizz…

well i love drawing so it was like giving candy to a 4 yearold.. i’m happy and i think i did a pretty good job there..here’s our storyboard layout..





that’s all the class ended up earlier than yesterday and we are all so happy to  finally got to finished everything.. ^_^


hope the video will turn up gooooood..although i’m not involved in the video shooting i wish them the best.. ganmabatae nehh~!!

WEEk 8 : Saturday.Adobe …


Adobe Photoshop and priemere workshop..

we learnt how to edit picture and insert effect,we are also taught on how to changed the background of a picture.

To edit and changed background..Step
by step.


1.choose any  picture from the sample picture folders.

2. clik  the magic tool to pick a subject.
then open the clik again the picture chosen earlier

3. copy paste the choosen image to the new layer.

4.To have a new clean background , Clean up the unwanted fragments and objects.

5.Add new background.

6.use first  the layer and click on the left side  insert the effect.

well the picture of my editing turn out to be my twitter  friend’s baby

here’s the picture and i even used her picture as my header…

after editting and add some effect here and there…tasya become a giant baby girl ready to smash a city..with flowrerrsss!!!

so i think it’s not so very good at first try and i try to make another one using this two picture…

and combine it to become this…

i had good times doing this..and i really enjoy it..what i did is..
first,Click on image any of  the corners of the cropped image to start.

then i Drag the selection down (or up) until  the general area of the image is covered , it’s a bit hard cause the tool is quite sensitive it detected the same colour tone so i have to crop it repeatedly and some of the colours are still there so i just retouch the picture… after that i Adjust the cropped area selected by clicking and dragging the selection.then i save it..

the second part is i took the eiffel tower picture and make it as the background i clik the first picture(that has been cropped) and drag it on the second. i adjust the size so i’ll be as tall as the woman and then i save it.. i inserted the effect of comic and blurry using picasa. as i want it to look like a postcard so i didn’t use photoshop text effect..
well i had so much fun!!

okay..so now after we have learnt all the basics,we are assign to make a banner for our blog and so i made my banner using 5 picture, it’s quite simple actually, i just use two layers and 1 picture as bacground. the others i just edited them so they fit the frames.. i’m using these pictures …






and transform it into thisss…




After solat dzuhur and lunch we are back with another lecture,this time it’s video editing i am not very fond of video editing actually it’s tiresome and hard but since it’s the course requirement i had to do it anyway BUT surprisingly i actually understand and enjoy the class..the explanations and demonstrations by en,helmi is clear and even if we asked him to repeat his teaching he do it willingly which makes me especially more determined to learn, and i do learn.. windows movie maker, and priemere are our tools for the day.. EN.Helmi even teach us to transfer the video,to convert it to cut, arrange, adding effect and transition to the video, But at first i am a bit bored because i had no idea on how to do this fortunately En.HElmi do have video sample that we can play with..hehehe..and my spirit went back up,.

i learn to make the effect,animation and also transitions En.helmi says using a lot of transition will make the video look childish and inexperience (actually he says amatur) heheh.. ^_^””

and this is how Windows movie maker look like…

Later on.EN.Helmi continue to torture us(JOKING) with adode soundbooth it is EXTREMELY DIFFICULT..he had to repeat several time to explain to us how to us the soundbooth,There ‘s loops and he teaches us to cut the sound,how to convert it to compatible version.and one of the point to use soundbooth is that we can insert sound effect at certain time which influenced the video impact
before the class all effect in the movie i generally call them sound effect. But it’s actuall seperated into three division which is Voice\Music – to create mood, to control audience emotion. ,Sound effects – used for impact (Audio usage)
i didn’t take screencap of Adobe Soundbooth cs4. (i don’t have it in my lappy) so i took this from the internet..
the features is that i can be converted to any kind of program to make the video interesting from avi,mp3.mp4 mov and others,.
finally the class ended but,,,,on sunday we’ve got anaother lecture,,,at the en of the day i felt tired but really happy and contented…



this is the banner which is made by using adobe..i used lots of effect to try but this is the best effect i prefer..the are two layer used as the background actually a different picture so i used 5 picture and combine them together..

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Week 7: video production progress and plan

>week 7……
well this week mean we will be having our semester break, My group eventually planned to go for a shoot around few places for the video..maybe to find some inspirations being there but unfortunately i’ve already book the tickets to hometown and i am not able to join them for the field work..but the gist about the trip are as follows..this is according the first planned for the video production(based on the storyboard)

Before this we have already posted about the plan and video insight which is in our group blog manage by Rozaidah –> http://escapeintothenature.wordpress.com/2012/04/07/progress-photoshoot/

our group targeted people(customer) are the family, wedding couple who wants to take pre-wedding or post-wedding picture, tourist and also photographer.

we actually plan to take as much picture possible that shows the beauty of the place to be a scenes in somebody’s photograph moment.
k.azlin and the others went to severals park to take the pictures and all of these park are equip with playgrounds, surau, restrooms, benches, lakes, jogging tracks, food stalls, rest huts, family day spots and equestrian tracks these are good point for visitors as they have all the basic and extra element to make the activity enjoyable.(while taking pictures)

here are several picture from the park (Taman Tasik Titiwangsa, Taman Tasik Perdana, Taman Tasik Permaisuri ) it’s taken from the internet of course.. =_=” maybe the next post i will be able to upload some real  photo shoot work from me.






the park sure got lot’s of beautiful scenes and i am excited to try it out …i might not be able to go there(i missed the putrajaya field work due to some problem) but i will took some picture here and there at UKM or probably UPM they got great golf field and their garden are nice…

Hope i can make the best out of this semester and i’ll be more responsible next time.hope luck is pointing it’s finger at my side.. aja aja fighting!!

Week 6: video production(technique)


It’s already week 6..time sure  flies fast~

I am having quite a tough week before the semester  break..i actually missed the class but i managed to picture how the class was..and it sure are fun with the shooting and experimenting with the angle…The fact that an angle chosen by a photographer affect the whole picture really make me realized not everybody with a camera can be a photographer..(i will show you what i’m saying)..

This is a picture taken by a photographer…


Well…week 6 class as usual conducted by en.Helmi and for the week he was helped by en.Yusof..there’s lots appliances used in the class , tripod is one of the material to help the shoot..back to business the main focus of the lens is about video shooting technique and also the process of making the video, at first i thought the class is all over again about storyboard but yet it is involving more complex and entertaining skill that in a picture/photo they didn’t seems so important(e.g angle_low/high) but they are the essence of  bringing the main focus up. 

some of the insights is based on;-

video composition, 

video shooting, 

video transferring,

video designing and mobile tag

i’ll start with the video composition well composition in photography may best be defined as the art of selection.The video may be shoot at many possible angle,direction varieties of scenes but withe the composition,he’ll be able to pick the best scenes, cut it and compose to a new slide.combine all the good part and wallah an “award’ winning video is produce.

video transferring involves transferring a video from a camera/handycam  with different resolution to new format in the laptop/pc to be edited where the soundtrack.effect and all the other stuff is combined.

video shooting 

video composition.. this is where the best part started..

The video composition techniques plays with angle a lot..degree of the camera hold is also vital.as different degree evoke different perspective.This is an important process as when the composition needed to be combined the best possible photo/shoot can be extraxt by looking at the angle of the picture.

They say “a picture says a thousand word” this is true but i came up on my own “a picture is not all alone’ as a picture actually can be cut and become two.. so there’s actually two halves and both tells the same story but from different perspective..

when we see it as  a picture;

cutaway shot

we may look the boy as lonely..and the caption could say “lonely boy”

but actually this is a cutting from the marketplace shoot..probably the photographer took this part as it look more appealing and when we see the bigger picture this boy couldn’t be that lonely as he’s in a crowded marketplace.

The composition of the shot depends on the field of view (FOV) – FOV that is from the closest to the widest angle. The closest angle is called close-up (CU), middle’s is called middle shot (MS), and the widest angle is called wide shot (WS) or a long shot

Excited and thrill after i seen photos from the internet,,so i tried myself by using a samsung camera phone..

Imagethe normal “pose’ i shoot this at a range which not so far nor so close..

 Only after you master the basic tools of the medium and are able to go beyond them to express your ideas in creative and even artistic ways will your work will be considered praiseworthy  —  even exemplary.

A shot from above…                                                     a shot from below/low shot

                                                                                 the scream ted looks taller.

Image               Image         

A shot from 45′ close up                                               A shot from 45′ long shot                                            

Image               Image           

          A middle shot(Ms) normal                                                 45’d close up shot

  Image               Image

        close up shot


i really enjoy taking these but i don’t think i have all it needs to be one..hope i’ll do better if i were to become a photographer +_=”

Image YIPPiee….!!

Week 5:Mob blog/group web design

hey there pretty ladies and also charming people,before i started the business let’s first freshen up by reciting al-fatihah and look at the cutest creation of life here,

yes he’s an angry little bird but doesn’t it make you smile hehehe?

and she’s the cutest baby girl rite??ouuhh smile peeps 🙂

(This is baby tasha.. ^_^)
hippiess..without futher adue
presenting week 5 topic:the mob blog.but actually it kinda like the prototype not the real blog YET..so, as usual i am not an early bird and due to some misunderstanding i am late than usual which freak me out to the core and i rush to class..luckily i come just in time to create the prototype..so in the meantime my group help me by describing the work for the class..

En.Helmi lecture is a description of what Video Production Module is:
firstly he clarify that the mob blog is a medium for us teachers to design and develop our own video to be used as an advance teaching tools
he also said that by learning how mob blog work we are actually exposing ourselves in the next generation of video technology as well as mobile and web 3.0 technologies..
what is mob blog?
MOB blog is actually an acronym used to combine the terms “mobile” and “Web log”. Where a Web log (also called a blog) is a Web page that serves as a publicly accessible personal journal for an individual, a moblog is a blog which has been posted to the Internet from a mobile device such as a mobile phone or PDA.

2.There are basically three phase of the process:
Pre-production (planning the video content)
Production (shooting the video based on the storyboard)
Post-production (editing and finalizing)

the two process of pre-production and production we will be using a simple plan by following the storyboard and the mock script and to make the storyboard and script writing run smoothly, we use the User Innovation Management (UIM) tool. which consist of 6 steps. The steps are to :

Sketch / Paper prototyping

since to sketch in the class is like repeating last week activity we used paper prototyping instead.it’s fun too as we get to sketch and play..i felt like a real programmer or something as we create our own blog design yet i do feel a bit strange as the real blog would not be this lively.
Example of my group paper Prototyping :

we have some difficulties at first on how to make the prototype look as we haven’t got the real idea of how a prototype should look , but then EN.Helmi give us a explanation of what he actually wanted which is a rough looking example of what we will have on our blog, so we distribute the work quickly and K.lin as the head of the planning we follows the instruction and i find it very entertaining and fun to do this type of activity i felt like i was in one of the fashion magazine career movie that i need to do a presentation on the magazine outlook..it’s fun and i quickly immersed in my work.

i could say we make such a good prototype..and i personally like our design(didn’t mean to brag)

but i do felt satisfied with our group. the activity and class was fun..i’m anticipating next class!! yippie

week 4: The Integration of WP blog in teaching and learning

hello all beautiful peoples….

First,i am running late to the class the alarm didn’t rang , so after a clumsy running and preparing i finally get to the class,when i was there everyone already diligently(as they may appear) listening to the lecture which given by Pn.Hazrati.IN the class i can’t really catch the content but yeah i still listen and managed to get the input from my collegue later.

EN.HElmi class is a lot easier i think.it’s basically about the video which is gonna be our next project (this semester project)but this week it’s about how we are going to do the video and the techniques that we could use to our make a perfect video..


A sequence of drawings, typically with some directions and dialogue, representing the shots planned for a movie or television production.

#2:to decide the main course planned

-who is the actors?how many?
-lighting?day? night?

we then take the two of the points as consideration to our video.we also should have targeted group to attracts as main structure to the video in this case my groups targeted are tourist as well as photographers.

well that’s all i think, and before i forget this is the link for my company blog which have been done ages heheh…so please take a look..