I got an assignment about plagiarism on week 3.An article wrote by Aizuddin Danian on “Plagiarism among Malaysian students” catches my eyes. Basically, plagiarism is about a person who use or copy other person’s ideas without mentioning the rightful source.The author himself include a shocking but true fact about plagiarism. It is stated that back in 2003, a number of Malaysian student is caught plagiarizing  while studying for an Australian university and the author himself had experienced a former classmate of him who plagiarized while studying.He also stated that the reason of Malaysian plagiarized is they were very poor in mastering the second language and they will eventually failed if they did not plagiarized.Aizuddin Danian also stated that the government should come with different outcomes to improve the second language used among Malaysian students to curb the plagiarism among Malaysian students.

this is my attachment to the notes regarding the topic:

Plagiarism among Malaysian students

source of the articles:

Author:Aizuddin Danian

Article of Plagiarism among malaysian students

Year published:september 17 2oo9

Tittle:”Plagiarism among Malaysian students”

Publisher:Movable type open source

place published:Malaysia


i am very nervous to complete my first assignment as in school have not done this kind of assignment,the topic plagiarism also new to me as i never heard it before as i skimmed through the articles i came to fully understand what is plagiarism is all about.However through all the articles i have read i finally chose an article about plagiarism among Malaysian as i want to focus the plagiarism among locals so that i have more specific ideas and i managed to relate some  reason why plagiarism occurs among Malaysian students, the topic has burst up my view base on the perspective of learning and make me realized the importance of stating the source of information in completing a task.

i hope my presentation is satisfying.


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