week 3: Mobile blog

This is the new era ,new revolution from using doves as the communication tool we evolve by using telegraph , mail,then phones and then computer and now using i-pad pretty much everything of every function in sense of communication can be carried out.

yeah that’s right i-pad: it’s the new social rank and a new communication,entertainment and also information gathering tools,this week we are very fortunate to have en.Helmi and his friend to explain about the mobile blog.he shows much passion in the lecture but i supposed the passion in it doesn’t apply to us much as we can hardly catch up with the term he’s using and his point of the explaining but yeah pretty bit i got the usage of i-pad which is scanning one of the features is the i-pad will shows the information about the place we are at
by scanning the place.cool huh?

we then break into grouppies and we are given an i-pad each to “play” with it and try the apps,which is cool. and we are able to experience the informative side of the i-pad(usually i just play games with it) hehehe..

Although mobile blogging sounds fun and cool i don’t really prefer blogging using my phones or i-pad in this case.as the screen appears differently and i like traditional look and traditional way in every thing i do including using the technology thus i prefer using pc or laptops than slim and plank i-pad.

dadala did da.. =__=


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