week 4: The Integration of WP blog in teaching and learning

hello all beautiful peoples….

First,i am running late to the class the alarm didn’t rang , so after a clumsy running and preparing i finally get to the class,when i was there everyone already diligently(as they may appear) listening to the lecture which given by Pn.Hazrati.IN the class i can’t really catch the content but yeah i still listen and managed to get the input from my collegue later.

EN.HElmi class is a lot easier i think.it’s basically about the video which is gonna be our next project (this semester project)but this week it’s about how we are going to do the video and the techniques that we could use to our make a perfect video..


A sequence of drawings, typically with some directions and dialogue, representing the shots planned for a movie or television production.

#2:to decide the main course planned

-who is the actors?how many?
-lighting?day? night?

we then take the two of the points as consideration to our video.we also should have targeted group to attracts as main structure to the video in this case my groups targeted are tourist as well as photographers.

well that’s all i think, and before i forget this is the link for my company blog which have been done ages heheh…so please take a look..



One thought on “week 4: The Integration of WP blog in teaching and learning

  1. i like your theme and header. the reflection is ok but you need to refresh your memory about what a good reflection should have, pls review my previoust posting about it and come back to add any of the postings that needs addition. I will grade everything later after week 1.

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