Week 5:Mob blog/group web design

hey there pretty ladies and also charming people,before i started the business let’s first freshen up by reciting al-fatihah and look at the cutest creation of life here,

yes he’s an angry little bird but doesn’t it make you smile hehehe?

and she’s the cutest baby girl rite??ouuhh smile peeps πŸ™‚

(This is baby tasha.. ^_^)
hippiess..without futher adue
presenting week 5 topic:the mob blog.but actually it kinda like the prototype not the real blog YET..so, as usual i am not an early bird and due to some misunderstanding i am late than usual which freak me out to the core and i rush to class..luckily i come just in time to create the prototype..so in the meantime my group help me by describing the work for the class..

En.Helmi lecture is a description of what Video Production Module is:
firstly he clarify that the mob blog is a medium for us teachers to design and develop our own video to be used as an advance teaching tools
he also said that by learning how mob blog work we are actually exposing ourselves in the next generation of video technology as well as mobile and web 3.0 technologies..
what is mob blog?
MOB blog is actually an acronym used to combine the terms “mobile” and “Web log”. Where a Web log (also called a blog) is a Web page that serves as a publicly accessible personal journal for an individual, a moblog is a blog which has been posted to the Internet from a mobile device such as a mobile phone or PDA.

2.There are basically three phase of the process:
Pre-production (planning the video content)
Production (shooting the video based on the storyboard)
Post-production (editing and finalizing)

the two process of pre-production and production we will be using a simple plan by following the storyboard and the mock script and to make the storyboard and script writing run smoothly, we use the User Innovation Management (UIM) tool. which consist of 6 steps. The steps are to :

Sketch / Paper prototyping

since to sketch in the class is like repeating last week activity we used paper prototyping instead.it’s fun too as we get to sketch and play..i felt like a real programmer or something as we create our own blog design yet i do feel a bit strange as the real blog would not be this lively.
Example of my group paper Prototyping :

we have some difficulties at first on how to make the prototype look as we haven’t got the real idea of how a prototype should look , but then EN.Helmi give us a explanation of what he actually wanted which is a rough looking example of what we will have on our blog, so we distribute the work quickly and K.lin as the head of the planning we follows the instruction and i find it very entertaining and fun to do this type of activity i felt like i was in one of the fashion magazine career movie that i need to do a presentation on the magazine outlook..it’s fun and i quickly immersed in my work.

i could say we make such a good prototype..and i personally like our design(didn’t mean to brag)

but i do felt satisfied with our group. the activity and class was fun..i’m anticipating next class!! yippie


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