Week 6: video production(technique)


It’s already week 6..time sure  flies fast~

I am having quite a tough week before the semester  break..i actually missed the class but i managed to picture how the class was..and it sure are fun with the shooting and experimenting with the angle…The fact that an angle chosen by a photographer affect the whole picture really make me realized not everybody with a camera can be a photographer..(i will show you what i’m saying)..

This is a picture taken by a photographer…


Well…week 6 class as usual conducted by en.Helmi and for the week he was helped by en.Yusof..there’s lots appliances used in the class , tripod is one of the material to help the shoot..back to business the main focus of the lens is about video shooting technique and also the process of making the video, at first i thought the class is all over again about storyboard but yet it is involving more complex and entertaining skill that in a picture/photo they didn’t seems so important(e.g angle_low/high) but they are the essence of  bringing the main focus up. 

some of the insights is based on;-

video composition, 

video shooting, 

video transferring,

video designing and mobile tag

i’ll start with the video composition well composition in photography may best be defined as the art of selection.The video may be shoot at many possible angle,direction varieties of scenes but withe the composition,he’ll be able to pick the best scenes, cut it and compose to a new slide.combine all the good part and wallah an “award’ winning video is produce.

video transferring involves transferring a video from a camera/handycam  with different resolution to new format in the laptop/pc to be edited where the soundtrack.effect and all the other stuff is combined.

video shooting 

video composition.. this is where the best part started..

The video composition techniques plays with angle a lot..degree of the camera hold is also vital.as different degree evoke different perspective.This is an important process as when the composition needed to be combined the best possible photo/shoot can be extraxt by looking at the angle of the picture.

They say “a picture says a thousand word” this is true but i came up on my own “a picture is not all alone’ as a picture actually can be cut and become two.. so there’s actually two halves and both tells the same story but from different perspective..

when we see it as  a picture;

cutaway shot

we may look the boy as lonely..and the caption could say “lonely boy”

but actually this is a cutting from the marketplace shoot..probably the photographer took this part as it look more appealing and when we see the bigger picture this boy couldn’t be that lonely as he’s in a crowded marketplace.

The composition of the shot depends on the field of view (FOV) – FOV that is from the closest to the widest angle. The closest angle is called close-up (CU), middle’s is called middle shot (MS), and the widest angle is called wide shot (WS) or a long shot

Excited and thrill after i seen photos from the internet,,so i tried myself by using a samsung camera phone..

Imagethe normal “pose’ i shoot this at a range which not so far nor so close..

 Only after you master the basic tools of the medium and are able to go beyond them to express your ideas in creative and even artistic ways will your work will be considered praiseworthy  —  even exemplary.

A shot from above…                                                     a shot from below/low shot

                                                                                 the scream ted looks taller.

Image               Image         

A shot from 45′ close up                                               A shot from 45′ long shot                                            

Image               Image           

          A middle shot(Ms) normal                                                 45’d close up shot

  Image               Image

        close up shot


i really enjoy taking these but i don’t think i have all it needs to be one..hope i’ll do better if i were to become a photographer +_=”

Image YIPPiee….!!


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