Week 7: video production progress and plan

>week 7……
well this week mean we will be having our semester break, My group eventually planned to go for a shoot around few places for the video..maybe to find some inspirations being there but unfortunately i’ve already book the tickets to hometown and i am not able to join them for the field work..but the gist about the trip are as follows..this is according the first planned for the video production(based on the storyboard)

Before this we have already posted about the plan and video insight which is in our group blog manage by Rozaidah –> http://escapeintothenature.wordpress.com/2012/04/07/progress-photoshoot/

our group targeted people(customer) are the family, wedding couple who wants to take pre-wedding or post-wedding picture, tourist and also photographer.

we actually plan to take as much picture possible that shows the beauty of the place to be a scenes in somebody’s photograph moment.
k.azlin and the others went to severals park to take the pictures and all of these park are equip with playgrounds, surau, restrooms, benches, lakes, jogging tracks, food stalls, rest huts, family day spots and equestrian tracks these are good point for visitors as they have all the basic and extra element to make the activity enjoyable.(while taking pictures)

here are several picture from the park (Taman Tasik Titiwangsa, Taman Tasik Perdana, Taman Tasik Permaisuri ) it’s taken from the internet of course.. =_=” maybe the next post i will be able to upload some real  photo shoot work from me.






the park sure got lot’s of beautiful scenes and i am excited to try it out …i might not be able to go there(i missed the putrajaya field work due to some problem) but i will took some picture here and there at UKM or probably UPM they got great golf field and their garden are nice…

Hope i can make the best out of this semester and i’ll be more responsible next time.hope luck is pointing it’s finger at my side.. aja aja fighting!!


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