week 10

….The night before i feel like i cant sleep..the video presentation is tomorrow and i am so scared..it’s not that scared of anything it’s that i am not so involved in the making,,the hard work to make the video is by the other three of my groups well..i trust they can do for the best of course,it’s just a bit sad that i can’t help although i want too because they have done everything for the past three weeks since i missed the putrajaya’s trip uhuh,,so my contribution is only on the storyboard and the storyline drawing others are divided between the three of my groupies… ‘

so i went to the class early and i saw one of my group mates..i greet her and she reply but not so happy  maybe the nervousness,, i am scared too.. the first group to present is SAmirah group, The second is Qila’s and their video was.. WOW.. i really am amazed.. and the third is our’s .. i am a bit sad that we got a pretty negative BUT constructive comments,, and lastly Dayang’s group their’s too are PROFESSIONAL..

then it hit me!!

if i could help my group to edit the video in making it better i can probably made up my mistake for missing the putrajaya’s trip kan?? wehhoo..so i accept wholeheartedly when my members ask me to edit the video.. kirah even offer to help me if i have any difficulties ohhh tHAnksss kirahh!!!! ..

i am actually quite good with windows movie maker and so i am glad to do the job..

I started by adding effect to all the pictures and edit the saturation of it to make it clearer..THen i got a text from peisi reminding me to complete the props for dramatization so i postponed my work…. =( so much to edit back and i got lot’s of classes.. T_T

luckily know what i’m doing and so even the week was like an enforcement training i managed to finished the job.. i inserted some reel animation effect using a 3d text animation maker and then i editted the video into fast forward and aso half speed.. later on i save the file.using adobe soundbooth i cut some sound effect and insert it into the specific clip. some of the picture taken are nice but being block by the trees and pole so i use a retouch tool and clear up the blocking it’s not very smooth but it’s all i can managed in the shirt time i had..

from this….

to this it’s still not perfect but i am an amatur..pardon me.. uhuk hkukuk


i haven’t upload the video yet but i’m happy that we got excellent comments from dr.rosseni hope we will get an “A’ for this!! and i am sure to used this as my teaching aid next time when i’m doing my practical…wehehehheoooo


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