WEEk 8 : Saturday.Adobe …


Adobe Photoshop and priemere workshop..

we learnt how to edit picture and insert effect,we are also taught on how to changed the background of a picture.

To edit and changed background..Step
by step.


1.choose any  picture from the sample picture folders.

2. clik  the magic tool to pick a subject.
then open the clik again the picture chosen earlier

3. copy paste the choosen image to the new layer.

4.To have a new clean background , Clean up the unwanted fragments and objects.

5.Add new background.

6.use first  the layer and click on the left side  insert the effect.

well the picture of my editing turn out to be my twitter  friend’s baby

here’s the picture and i even used her picture as my header…

after editting and add some effect here and there…tasya become a giant baby girl ready to smash a city..with flowrerrsss!!!

so i think it’s not so very good at first try and i try to make another one using this two picture…

and combine it to become this…

i had good times doing this..and i really enjoy it..what i did is..
first,Click on image any of  the corners of the cropped image to start.

then i Drag the selection down (or up) until  the general area of the image is covered , it’s a bit hard cause the tool is quite sensitive it detected the same colour tone so i have to crop it repeatedly and some of the colours are still there so i just retouch the picture… after that i Adjust the cropped area selected by clicking and dragging the selection.then i save it..

the second part is i took the eiffel tower picture and make it as the background i clik the first picture(that has been cropped) and drag it on the second. i adjust the size so i’ll be as tall as the woman and then i save it.. i inserted the effect of comic and blurry using picasa. as i want it to look like a postcard so i didn’t use photoshop text effect..
well i had so much fun!!

okay..so now after we have learnt all the basics,we are assign to make a banner for our blog and so i made my banner using 5 picture, it’s quite simple actually, i just use two layers and 1 picture as bacground. the others i just edited them so they fit the frames.. i’m using these pictures …






and transform it into thisss…




After solat dzuhur and lunch we are back with another lecture,this time it’s video editing i am not very fond of video editing actually it’s tiresome and hard but since it’s the course requirement i had to do it anyway BUT surprisingly i actually understand and enjoy the class..the explanations and demonstrations by en,helmi is clear and even if we asked him to repeat his teaching he do it willingly which makes me especially more determined to learn, and i do learn.. windows movie maker, and priemere are our tools for the day.. EN.Helmi even teach us to transfer the video,to convert it to cut, arrange, adding effect and transition to the video, But at first i am a bit bored because i had no idea on how to do this fortunately En.HElmi do have video sample that we can play with..hehehe..and my spirit went back up,.

i learn to make the effect,animation and also transitions En.helmi says using a lot of transition will make the video look childish and inexperience (actually he says amatur) heheh.. ^_^””

and this is how Windows movie maker look like…

Later on.EN.Helmi continue to torture us(JOKING) with adode soundbooth it is EXTREMELY DIFFICULT..he had to repeat several time to explain to us how to us the soundbooth,There ‘s loops and he teaches us to cut the sound,how to convert it to compatible version.and one of the point to use soundbooth is that we can insert sound effect at certain time which influenced the video impact
before the class all effect in the movie i generally call them sound effect. But it’s actuall seperated into three division which is Voice\Music – to create mood, to control audience emotion. ,Sound effects – used for impact (Audio usage)
i didn’t take screencap of Adobe Soundbooth cs4. (i don’t have it in my lappy) so i took this from the internet..
the features is that i can be converted to any kind of program to make the video interesting from avi,mp3.mp4 mov and others,.
finally the class ended but,,,,on sunday we’ve got anaother lecture,,,at the en of the day i felt tired but really happy and contented…

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