week 9:workshop

aggrh..yesterday’s class was fun but this is it the real deal on how we will make our video i’m not sure on how to do this as i’m not with my group the week before something bad hapend to my cousin..her phone got stolen probably when we’re on the train (pickpokets) maybe,..then i have to sent her back and her ic also missing..(it’s inside the bag with the phone case) bummer..well that’s that.. so without any idea i just went to the class and try to grasp what En.Helmi is delivering.THANK GoD i understad, =)

now on sunday EN.HElmi recap everthing that we;ve learned from yesterdays class..and he asked us to make a storyboard as a mock up to the real storyboard later..

so we are taught to inserted the narration of our voiced into the video and then we tried it for ourselves and also we played the soundbooth and experiment with the effect and all that…


at luch we had a good meal..and i like freeee food…. weee,,,

okayn so! later on we are given time to disscuss the story board placement and so i am incharge of drawing the storyboard.K.nurazlin as the director, kIrah as the advisor and chigi? she’s the computer whizz…

well i love drawing so it was like giving candy to a 4 yearold.. i’m happy and i think i did a pretty good job there..here’s our storyboard layout..





that’s all the class ended up earlier than yesterday and we are all so happy to  finally got to finished everything.. ^_^


hope the video will turn up gooooood..although i’m not involved in the video shooting i wish them the best.. ganmabatae nehh~!!


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