week 11

yeahh finally the video is ready.. two days ago actually..so if i calculated right i’ve been working on the video for three days.. that’s quite long..but there are a lot of editing to do and effect to make.

i have many layers that i inserted in the video , i split and trim the video a lot and also i tried to make the motion fast but not so fast that makes people dizzy or anything like that, this is all based on EN.HElmi and DR.Rosseni teaching and i consider about the trasitions but still when it finishes i think it’s a bit amateur… sorry guys this is all i can do..i want the video to be catch and fun  so i used mambo no5 and lollipop by the chordettes these two are my fav from the 90’s….  


Back from dramatization which was a blast!!  i continued my work ….thanks to my group mates i had lots of fun editing!! well after i choose the picture from the separate file (photo that not in the 1st  video) and combine the picture from the video by my group mates earlier i edited them back and put them into motion..i used 3d animation to animated the text and using windows movie maker to speed up the motion separately ,because i find that if the video is edited in WMV reel it will speed up the song and sound effect too..it sounded almost like chipmunk i laugh at first then i realized i need to re-edit it!! arghhh… luckily i save the raw cut and managed to dub the song perfectly(?) it’s you guys part to decide…

i have made the video as clear as i could but so the WMV sofware is not very advanced and because in class we have only learn WMV and priemere i restricted myself from using pinnacle or cinelerra. and so i continued to edit the video with help from Noor syakirah(group member) i get the new vision of how the video should look like as kirah said to follows the layout by the first video..and so i edited the video and early in the morning it’s ready to be presented… yeayyy…

in such short time all i can make is this quality of video  but maybe next time when i have more time i am sure i can improve by some level.. i enjoy the class from the beginning till end although there’s a lot of difficulties tears and scars but i am now a better editor..mueehheheee,…

This is the link to the video..hope you’ll enjoy it and i hope we got excellent grade~!!!


oh yeah ..this is my picture from the pameran seni which i attended and participate..

heres our group painting,,,

.. weehhoooo this painting is from (luqman zulkifly,teo ting-ting and me.)

the painting is for sale so anyone interested?

since this is my last reflection, i would like to express my gratitude to all the tutor Pn.Hazriati.En.Yusof.En.Faizal , En.HElmi. and especially DR.Rosseni Din please halakan and doa for our success… thank you for you guidance and teachings i am sure to use it not only for my classes in school but also in my life.. thank you again and please give me an A? hehehehehe.. ^_^

last but not  to all my group members…and also the other groups… WE DID IT!!~!!


2 thoughts on “week 11

  1. hehe, i am missing all of you already and looking forward to see u on the exam day…please give me an A performance! I don’t want anything less than a B in my class ok! work hard and smart …send my love and best wishes to the rest of the class …gimme an A!

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